10 strange dishes to try while traveling in China.

6 years ago

China has to have the biggest variety of food in all the world, there´s a saying in China: We eat everything with legs except Chairs and Tables. And that’s probably not far from the truth.

I eat everything, but for obvious reason will I not post photos of dogs in the market.
Unfurtnetly so have I also had Shark Fin soup, but to my defence so was that a big mistake. I ordered a 6-course meal in a fancy restaurant on new years eve, and the shark fin soup was one of the courses.

I absolutely don’t support eating Shark Fin soup. It´s fu**ing disgusting and horrible what the humankind is doing there.

I did also try FUGU while I was in Japan.
Here´s just a short list of some of the strange and less appetizing things you can eat while you’re visiting China.

1. Chilly Rabbit Head.

Actually pretty normal in Chengdu, Sichuan Province..   4/10. Not much meat on the head and extremely greasy.

Chengdu, China food, strange asian food
Chilly Rabbit Head.

2. Some Kind of bugs

Dunhuang, Gansu Province. 4/10 crunchy.

strange food, China,chinese food
Some kind of bugs.

3. Pigeon?

Lanzhou, Gansu Province. 1/10. Not sure of the chef was jokeing with me or not, but it tasted disgusting.

China food,strange food,asia food

4. Duck Stomach.

Shenzhen. Guangdong Province. 7/10. Not bad, Not bad at all.

chinese food, asian food,duck stomach.
A Pile of Duck stomach.

5. Goat Head Soup.

Kashgar, Xinjiang Province. 2/10 Horrible.

Chinese food, strange food, asian food
Head Soup.

6. Thousand Year Old Egg.

Beijing. 3/10 Strange salty jelly tasting.

Thousand-year-old Egg.

7. Shark Fin soup.

Hong Kong, 0/10. Absolutely disgusting, we are the humans doing this.

Shark fin soup.

8. Chicken Feet

1/10, Why just why. Chicken feets are available all over China in all types of food, deep fried, boiled, bbq and even as candy.

Sweet and Sour Chicken feet
Sweet and Sour Chicken feet
Boiled chicken feet
Chicken feet candy, sold everywhere.
Chicken feet candy, sold everywhere.
Deep fried Chicken feet
Deep fried Chicken feet

9. Pig Brain.

Beijing, 1/10. Just Disgusting.

Fried Pig Brain
Fried Pig Brain.

10. Beijing Night Market.

One of the easier places to try some strange food is the Night Market, just north of Wangfujing Road in Beijing.
Here is there numerous street food stalls catering directly to tourists, both locals and foreign with strange  street food snack.

Scorpions on a stick
Bugs on a stick
Bugs on a stick
hearts and other goodies on sticks
hearts and other goodies on sticks
beijing night market
More bugs and scorpions to sale.

11. Strange flavour Potato Chips.

Even the potato chips in China got strange taste, what about some blubbery taste, lime taste, or what about some hot and sour fish taste chips?

what about some Italyan red meat.
what about some Italyan red meat.
Blueberry Taste.
Blueberry Taste.
Hot and Sour FISH TASTE.
Lime taste, not good
Lime taste, not good

Which of these dishes would you like to try if you visit China?


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