Air Canada passenger proposes to girlfriend mid-flight

7 years ago

Love was literally in the air when a Canadian man decided to pop the question to his girlfriend at 30,000 feet.

Allen Froese, a musician and minister, was flying from Toronto to San Paulo with his girlfriend, Leah Miller, and bandmates for a musical tour of Brazil, the Daily Mail reported.

With the help of Air Canada staff, he prepared an inflight “special presentation” – appearing in front of his fellow passengers with a guitar and megaphone.

Allen Froese gets down on one knee midflight and proposes to Leah Miller.

Allen Froese gets down on one knee midflight and proposes to Leah Miller.

As the other holidaymakers watched with glee, Froese read from a piece of paper a speech about how much Miller meant to him.

“I know you don’t like surprises, but I wanted to do something special for you in a way that you would least expect,” he said.

Miller sat in her seat looking mortified, trying to hide behind her travel pillow.

But she eventually got up and laughed along with the other passengers as Froese began singing an original love song, which ended with him getting down on one knee and proposing.

Miller was handed the megaphone for her response, which was – luckily – a yes.

Before the flight, Froese told the camera: “This might be either the best idea I’ve ever had or I’ll be walking down the aisle with my tail between my legs like a dog in front of 300 people… and it’ll be an epic fail.”


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