Airbnb lets you spend the night in a taxi in New York City

7 years ago


The taxi is “parked” with incredible views of the New York City skyline.

We’ve seen some pretty strange Airbnb offerings in our time. From igloos to shark tanks to carparks, the rental website is pushing the limits of traditional accommodation.

Now visitors to New York are being invited to spend the night in a taxi.

Described as a “unique NYC taxi sleeper van”, one night will set you back $56 – definitely reasonable, considering it’s parked just three minutes from Manhattan, and 10 minutes from Times Square.


The taxi has been renovated into “swanky living quarters”.

And don’t worry – the meter won’t be turned on, the listing assures.


The taxi is located in a safe, quiet neighbourhood.

The taxi has been renovated to sleep two, and comes complete with a full-size bed, pillows, sheets, and a portable wireless air-conditioner.

There’s no wi-fi or bathroom, but the listing says you’ll be located close to the subways and cafes in the neighbourhood that have wireless, and outlets to charge your electronics.

Owner Jonathan Powley told the MailOnline he offered a turn-down service with fresh flowers, fresh fruit and a warm welcome note.

He said he would provide guests with a list of gyms where they can wash. The taxi also comes with a portable camping toilet, though it doesn’t flush.



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