Airbnb reveals the six spookiest places to spend the night

7 years ago


Would you be brave enough to stay in this haunted rental?

There are plenty of Airbnb horror stories out there – but most of them involve badly behaved guests, not ghosts.

Now the home-sharing website has released a list of its most haunted rentals, where guests can expect anything but a good night’s sleep.

Stay if you dare… however, be warned. No refunds are given if you end up having to share your room with a resident spook.

Share your bed with this creepy doll.

You won’t be getting much sleep in this room.

This 169-year-old Missouri property has been named one of the most haunted homes in the American Midwest. Throughout its history, the castle has been used as a hospital and funeral home, and even has two cemeteries out the back.

The hosts say: “We cannot guarantee any of our guests that they WILL experience a paranormal encounter. We also cannot promise you WON’T have a ghostly encounter. We do not refund room rates to guests who leave early because they are frightened of any paranormal activity that may occur during their stay.”


This “madness chamber” is more than 600 years old.

Located in York, England, this atmospheric apartment is described as a “madness chamber”, more than 600 years old.

One guest said: “Although I didn’t sleep well (hearing all kinds of bumps in the night) we loved it.”


What the bedroom of an Edwardian child would look like. Terrifying.

This room in Essex, England has been decorated to resemble the bed chamber of a seven-year-old Edwardian child.

The hosts say: “Intimate, low lit in period wall lighting and candles. Heavy drapes and wardrobe space. Sounds of ocean at base of cliffs outside windows. Unexplained smells and sounds. Not for the faint hearted.”


The Manor, where an adorable dog will help you keep the ghosts at bay.

Voted the most mysterious house in Saint Paul, Minnesota, this spooky property will make you feel as though you’ve been transported back to a different time.

One guest said: “If you believe in the afterworld, The Manor might be where you can witness paranormal activity, or enjoy the presence of Sean’s adorable dog, Scorch.”


Within this mansion is a girl in a yellow dress.

Located in New Orleans, this elegant mansion contains a music room, a formal dining room, and ladies parlour, as well as a resident ghost.

The hosts say: “Don’t worry, our ghost (a young girl in a yellow dress from the 1890s) is very shy; you probably won’t see her, although some people swear she exists!”


Now a chic London flat, this used to be a Victorian hospital.

Converted into a chic central London flat, you might never have realised that this residence was once the Bethnal Green Infirmary – perfect for ghost hunting, or even just watching a scary movie.

One guest said: “Best part were cosy movie nights in the living room, connect your laptop to the projector and sound system and – presto! instant home cinema.”


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