Apps for Translating Phrases & Tracking Routes

7 years ago

phone3I have a few dozen travel apps on my phone.

Many of them sounded good at the time I installed them, but I’ve never used them.

I’ve now deleted most of them, my rule being if I haven’t used an app in six months, it’s toast.

But here are a few that I still use.

I’ve kept my individual airline apps, although I still prefer calling airlines and having conversations.

Then there’s one called Bravolol. It gives you basic phrases in foreign languages.

Here’s the cool thing: it helps you pronounce the phrase.

Just tap it and the app speaks the phrase back to you.

It provides phrases in French, Spanish, and two that are particularly helpful—Chinese and Arabic.

If you like to walk around a destination once you get there, consider the free app LiveTrekker.

The app logs how far you walk, and then actually creates a map of where you went so you can remember the route the next day.

This is not an app to prevent you getting lost.

Instead, it shows you exactly where you are in any city and then marks your favorites so you can return to the places you like.


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