Are You Getting a Good Deal With Base Airfare?

7 years ago

plane-2With a number of budget airlines, the advertised price is a rock bottom base fare that includes no add-ons.

The airfare gets your attention and then, cha-ching.

In one recent survey, a family of four flying from New York to London on British Airways would pay $4,099.

For flights on the same day with Norwegian, the fare works out to $3,651.

But then come the add-ons, such as a seat reservation fee of $45 per person.

One checked bag is $45 per person.

In-flight meals are $45 per person—for each direction.

The Norwegian discount total: $632 more than British Air.

If you don’t mind where you sit, have no bags, and won’t be hungry, then Norwegian is the choice for you.

But if you’re making your decisions solely on the base advertised fare, you’re not getting that big of.  a deal.


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