Being in Fairyland Penglai

8 years ago


Having long been known as a fairyland, Penglai in Shandong Province which close to Yantai is one of the three supernatural mountains. Penglai Pavilion is a famous tower in Penglai, Shandong. It is noted as one of the Four Great Towers of China, also the landing place of the Eight Immortals and famous for its occasional mirages which frequently occurring in Summer. The dividing line between theYellow Sea and Bohai Sea is also marked and clearly visible from the area.


The Eight Immortals are said to live on a group of five islands in the Bohai Sea, which includes Penglai Mountain-Island. Because of this connection with the immortals, the Emperors Qin Shi Huang and Han Wu Di both came to Penglai looking for an elixir of immortality. Therefore, you can tell what a attractive place Penglai is.


What’s more, The Pavilion is a very good place to witness a magical mirage because it often occurs here, and it is also a good place to appreciate the magnificent scene of the sun rising in the morning. When you enjoy the intoxicating scene at the beach, it’s recommended to taste some fresh local seafoods.


If you wanna see the gorgerous scenery which impress the Eight Immortals with your own eyes, just take a trip to Penglai, for new experiences, Penglai will never disappoint you!


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