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7 years ago



Cycle Through the Laurentians

For an exhilarating fresh-air journey through Quebec’s forested Laurentian Mountains, rent a bike and hit the P’tit Train du Nord trail. Once a rail line, this 144-mile, mildly graded path offers a taste of the region’s pristine rivers, lakes and mountain views. Many of the former railroad stations along the way have been converted into cafes, shops and other facilities where bikers can take a break.

The trail runs between Saint-Jerome, about 30 minutes outside Montreal, and Mont-Laurier. Operators such as Cyclo-Gites and Cycloberge offer packages that include overnight lodging, breakfast, luggage transfers and transportation from one end of the trail to the other (so you don’t have to bike all the way back to get back to your car).

The full ride can be completed in three to five days, depending on your fitness level and how much time you want to spend exploring. For the most spectacular scenery, go in the fall when the leaves are turning.





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