Campuestohan Highland Resort in Bacolod City

7 years ago

Campuestohan Resort: Man Made Heaven Resort in Bacolod

Looking for ways to enjoy weekends, summer getaways or holiday escapades with your family, friends and sweethearts?

Then, here’s a tip for you. No need to go too far in the Northern Philippines to see picturesque beauty of nature, or going all over South to witness what wildlife looks like. Everything you’re looking for is right at the center of the Philippines – in the Visayas.

Give it up for Bacolod! Known as the city of smiles, Bacolod is now making a big name in Tourism industry. Proof are the different resorts that sprout like mushrooms and show the beauty of the whole province of Negros Occidental. No wonder that Campuestohan Highland Resort is now becoming more popular not only to the locals but also to people who love a different kind of fun filled experience.

Campuestohan Highland Resort in Bacolod City  Zipline

Unveil the beauty within

Located just between the successful cities of Bacolod and Talisay, Campuestohan Highland Resort reserves all the right to be named as one of the most successful resorts in the province. You can see the breathtaking view of almost half of the province from its vantage point. Its 5-hectare property houses different amenities that every member of the family would love. Even set of friends who don’t appreciate the nature that much will surely be converted into nature lovers once they set foot in this land built with love.


Children’s Playground

The scenic place is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Tan who first thought of having a place in preparation for their retirement. They even planned to have the purchased property turn into Little Tagaytay. Not knowing that what they have expected and invested would have bigger returns. The downright cool weather of the resort amidst the stunning heat in the province makes it a very popular tourist destination not only within Bacolod but in the whole Negros Occidental as well. The couple have decided to continuously develop the resort, transforming and even surpassing the traditional ones that we have in the country; providing the best and cool features that others would have not been imagines to exist in a resort.


Why choose Campuestohan Highland Resort?

Campuestohan is like a wonderland that can make every eye go wide since it has different features that can surely attract hearts of and minds of children and the other members of the family. Better grab your camera now and have your batteries full charged for picture taking activity with the stars!

playground with bridge

If dinosaurs are your thing and are really dying to see how they look like million years ago, there are replicas of them inside the resort.

dino 2


Soar high and get close to your favourite superheroes and giants by taking pictures with the resort’s collection that includes Incredible Hulk, Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Thor and the Green Lantern.

captain america

Want a bit of the real thing? Be amazed how the models of famous celebrities like Michael Jordan and Elvis Presley stands in there to greet you with their best poses.

counsins with jordan

Know King Kong? The famous giant gorilla who hit the movie scene via storm in the 80s? Get in touch with its model that can also be found inside the resort.

Still not decided whether to pursue your next vacation on Campuestohan? Here are more reasons to enjoy your stay at this one of a kind tourist destination.

Up for swimming? It’s never too late for summer. Enjoy the resort’s pools clear waters with your hip and cool and swim wears.

small pool


You can also walk around the garden and feel the sunlight touch your skin. Bring your kids in the colorful playground while teaching them how to socialize with other children playing in there. Relax, unwind and free yourself from all the stress by trying out the horseback riding.

main bldg

cottage with family

shoe cottage

Do you have a strong heart? Let’s see what you got by riding in the 340- meter zipline.

Campuestohan Highland Resort in Bacolod City  Zipline

There are really a lot of ways to enjoy life. You don’t need to go far places just to have the best experiences.

Let Campuestohan Highland Resort do it for you.


Our cute and beautiful niece Airi

cousins at bridge

My cousins getting wacky at the hanging bridge!


My wife posing at the hanging bridge.

family photo

Family Souvenir picture.



Campuestohan Highland Resort, Sitio Campuestohan,
Brgy. Cabatangan, Talisay City,
Negros Occidental, Philippines

Telephone : +63-915 211 1406 | +63-34 702 0964 | +63-917 300 5007


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