Can Robots Replace Humans in the Hospitality Industry?

7 years ago

robotSome think it’s a great idea, and others think it’s cute or just a fad.

But a number of hotels and restaurants are employing robots at the front desk and as waiters to serve you.

Others have robots on wheels delivering room service.

It certainly gets your attention, but does it work? Not exactly.

Forgetting the arguments about losing the human touch of hospitality—of which there are many—the robots can only carry out very basic human interaction and transactions at best.

Some robotic room service butlers have gotten lost in hotels.

At front desks, any question asked by a guest other than requesting a key usually results in robotic confusion, wasted time, and ultimately requires a human being.

At the restaurant level it’s been a disaster.

One establishment in China fired all its robot servers due to too many accidents and broken dishes.

There were also delayed meals, which had to be delivered by a real person.

So, for the moment, I think humans are still safely employed.

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