Cat and dog, Luigi and Bandito’s travel adventure

7 years ago


Luigi and Bandito accompanyed their owners on the Camino de Santiago trail.

Luigi and Bandito love the great outdoors. The best friends regularly embark on great adventures and have been to places some of us can only dream about.

The cat and dog duo have even been to Camino de Santiago, the 800km pilgrimage route in Spain.

Their adventures began when owners Sebastian and Finn bought a doggy stroller so the fluffy friends could accompany them on their travels.

“We took a few weeks to get them used to it and set up the tent in our old front room – they genuinely loved it,” Sebastian, from England, told the Mail Online.

The family of four has travelled all around Spain and undertook the massive Camino trail last year.

One-year-old Luigi, the cat, was the laziest of them all and often used the stroller as a safe haven, enjoying the scenery from his comfortably seat.

“We knew we would turn back if it became stressful or unfair on them, they are the main priority all the way – as well as walking about 20km a day of course,” Sebastian said.

The intrepid pug and cat continue to see the world and even have more than 30,000 followers on Instagram.

Pet owners considering taking their furry friends on holiday shouldn’t overestimate their pet’s abilities, the couple advise.

“We have had to be vigilant at all times. Inner cities are not ideal places, but fortunately we are in the countryside the vast majority [of time]. Because of this we can really enjoy our time together like climbing trees with the cat and running around with the pug.”


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