Changes for Frequent Flyer Miles Affect Stopover Flights

7 years ago

airportOne by one, some great frequent flyer mileage perks are disappearing.

We already know it’s harder to earn as well as redeem miles.

But some airlines had some great options for those flying on mileage tickets.

United Airlines, for example, allowed free stopovers for passengers flying on miles.

For years, United has been giving its frequent flyers one free stopover per trip.

For example, if you are flying from New York to Los Angeles, but want to stop in Chicago for a few days (in either direction), United let you do that.

But now, United has issued a new rule—you can’t get the free stopover in the same region where you start your journey.

American Airlines stopped offering free stopovers two years ago.

So, if you want to fly on United miles and get that free stopover, move fast.

The new United rule on stopovers takes effect October 6.


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