China’s latest glass walkway, the Coiling Dragon, opens in Zhangjiajie Park

7 years ago


The “Coiling Dragon” skywalk features 99 road turns.

Tourists in China just can’t get enough of glass walkways and bridges.

There’s the circular platform that looks out over the Shilin Gorge just outside Beijing, while the walkway in Henan made headlines last year when a pane of glass cracked.

Last week, a handrail-free walkway opened in Shanghai which claims to be the highest walkway in the country.


Tourists pose for a photo on the glass skywalk.

But a new week marks a new glass walkway and the “Coiling Dragon Cliff” looks just as thrilling and exciting as the others.

Clinging to the side of Tianmen Mountain is the 100-metre-long, 1.6m-wide skywalk.

The glass walkway, featuring 99 road turns is the third of its kind on the Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie Park.


Tourists cautiously walk on a section of the “Coiling Dragon”.

The national park already offers tourists the world’s highest and longest glass bridge at 430m and suspended over a 300m-deep valley.

In July the makers of the bridge in invited a journalist to take a sledgehammer to a pane of glass to prove its strength.

BBC’s  Dan Simmons carried out the safety test, smashing a section of glass several times. And although the top layer cracked, the pane remained stable.



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