Delta & American Airlines Begin to Track Luggage

7 years ago

Image Credit: Billy Hathorn

Last year there was some good news in the world of lost airline bags.

The airlines only mishandled 6.5 bags per thousand passengers in 2015.

That’s down ten percent from 2014.

And that number could be reduced even further this year as more airlines begin using sophisticated bag tracking systems and apps.

Two airlines, Delta and America, now track your checked bags in real time.

And they’ll even send you a text message or email updating you on the status of your bag.

The airline’s baggage loaders on the ground now scan each bag before putting the luggage in the airline’s hold.

So now the airline knows, and you do as well, whether your bags were even loaded on your flight to begin with.

And once you land, a minute by minute countdown on how soon they’ll be hitting the conveyor belt.

Of course if your bags did miss the flight, you now know before you even land.

So no sense going to the baggage claim to wait at the carousel.

You can start the lost bag and delivery information right online.


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