Family Getaway Tips for Labor Day Weekend

6 years ago


I can’t believe it’s nearly Labor Day Weekend. My kids go back to school soon, as do most kids in the Northeast—though in other places around the country, school has already started. Either way, we all have one last gasp of summer left. Wherever you might be headed with your family this Labor Day weekend to savor it—even if it’s just a day trip to an award-winning aquarium—I’ve got hard-earned advice to save you money and headaches. Over at TripAdvisor, I’ve often shared such family trip tips, and I’ve gathered some for you in the links below. Happy Labor Day weekend!


Tips for Trips to Zoos and Aquariums

If a stellar zoo or aquarium is within your reach this weekend, this advice will help you make the most of your visit, including turning it into a scavenger hunt….


Tips for Trips to Amusement Parks

The cost of spending a day (or two) at these places adds up very quickly: admission, parking, food, souvenirs. Here are ways to keep costs under control, including checking the right social-media feeds for deals and making your child C.F.O. of the family trip.


Tips for Family Road Trips

If you’re hitting the road this weekend, avoid traffic jams by taking America’s backroads. Here’s advice for finding quirky roadside attractions, embracing the kitsch, and keeping the kids content without having to stop at any wacky food factories.


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