Food Halls You Can Visit Around the World

7 years ago

shrimpWelcome to the brave new world of food tourism.

When visiting a foreign country, it might be a good idea to visit a food hall or outdoor food market—especially for your first time in a destination.

This also applies to cities in the U.S.

Overseas, the food halls in Seoul, South Korea are nothing short of amazing. You can get everything you want—as well as explanations of what you’re eating.

Sometimes, in open markets abroad, there are great restaurants inside.

In Barcelona, inside legendary La Boqueria market in Las Ramblas, try a seafood restaurant called Bar Central. It’s a small place and I guarantee you have to wait for a stool—but the wait is worth it.

They’ll make you anything you want. My advice? Try the grilled garlic shrimp.

In the U.S., the hot food halls are in Chicago, San Antonio, and Santa Barbara.

Atlanta is one-upping everyone else with two large food halls with everything from Mexican food to artisanal ice cream stands.

The food halls are great introductions to these cities, and you get to meet the locals up close and in person.

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