How Flash Drives Can Help You Cut Down on Paper

7 years ago

drive2People are always asking me what I pack every time I travel.

For years, I’ve given them a list of essential must-pack items.

Well, now I’ve added to the list, but in the process, reduced a little of my load.

There’s one important travel accessory I’ve ignored for the past few years that I now embrace.

A USB flash drive—or two.

It cuts down on paper and allows you to store all of your essential information, including your passport and driver’s license details, frequent flyer numbers, hotel booking confirmations, emergency phone numbers, and frequently called numbers, such as airlines and rental car companies.

It also lets you backup photos you take on the road.

The main reason I use a USB flash drive is to store documents I can print when I arrive at my destination.

One caution: the USB flash drive is a great and necessary tool, but I don’t totally depend on it.

I still keep a laminated copy of important documents in my briefcase.


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