How Terror Attacks Affect the Tourism Industry

7 years ago

pyramidsRevenue from travel and tourism is critical to the economies of dozens of nations around the world.

But that revenue can be disrupted in the wake of terrorist incidents.

In 2010, before the Arab Spring, Egypt had nearly 15 million visitors.

But now that number has dropped to under 9 million.

There were 34 million visitors to Turkey in 2014. That number is expected to drop a whopping 40 percent this year.

That translates to a $10 billion drop in tourism revenue for 2016.

Most cruise lines have canceled Istanbul port calls, and some airlines are cutting back service and flight frequencies.

How devastating is that to Turkey’s economy?

One out of every two Turks is employed in the tourism industry.

Numbers are down in Nice and Paris as well.

What does this mean to you?

As these destinations beef up security, they will also be significantly discounting airfares, hotel room rates, and tours.

For smart travelers who pack some common sense—as well as a sense of history—this may be the best time to visit Luxor in Egypt, Topkapı Palace in Turkey, or the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Remember, the worst four-letter word that begins with F is Fear.

Also. the odds are overwhelmingly in your favor, and this could easily be the best—and smartest time—to visit these locations.


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