Kitchens at Large Resorts and on Cruise Ships

6 years ago

foodThe next time you go to a big resort or sail on a large cruise ship, you might be initially interested to hear about all the signature restaurants: Italian, French, Japanese, Mexican, a fish place, and of course, the expected steak house.

But before you get too excited, don’t be wowed by the number of restaurants.

Ask them to tell you the total number of kitchens.

Then, don’t be surprised when you learn there may be ten different restaurants but only four kitchens servicing them all.

At some locations that also includes room service.

The key is not how large the hotel is or how much space is devoted to on-board specialty restaurants on cruise ships.

The key is knowing the number of dedicated kitchens.

The more kitchens, the better and faster the service.

So before choosing a resort or cruise ship restaurant, always ask if there’s a dedicated kitchen attached to it.

If not, you might want to make another choice.


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