Maintaining Your Safety When You're Staying at a Hotel

7 years ago

hotel1Many of you might remember the Erin Andrews case.

In 2008, while Andrews was staying at the Nashville Marriott Hotel, a man in the next room secretly videotaped the sportscaster in her room.

When the videos were posted online, he was arrested by the FBI.

Andrews filed a civil suit, and recently won a $55 million judgement against the hotel’s owner.

That case is changing a lot of hotel security protocols.

Hotels are not training staff to either confirm or deny a guest’s presence in the hotel or in their room.

But as more and more hotels are offering apps with automatic check in and virtual keys on smartphones, another problem is created—no staff supervisor or interaction with guests.

One takeaway from this incident, especially for solo female travelers: When you check in at a hotel, whether with a staff person or electronically, you should always ask to be escorted to your room by a uniformed staff member of the hotel.

If anyone knocks on your door after that, claiming to be a staff member, call down to the front desk to confirm their credentials before ever opening the door.


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