Mixed Media Workshop Shelley Rhodes Ireland

5 years ago

Shelley has worked as a designer for the BBC and Granada Television, holding a degree in graphic design led her to her calling of teaching art and design. Her mixed media work combines paper, drawings, photographs and prints with painted and dyed fabric as she focuses on fragmentation, reconstruction and repair. Her love of  traveling, exploring and discovering new places with a passion to coastal locations. Beach-combing, one of  her favorite way to spend time then incorporating her precious finds with drawings, mark making, gestural writing and collage in small beautifully presented travel journals.

Her work has been featured in several magazines and publications. She is currently writing her own book called ‘Sketchbooks Explorations for Mixed Media and Textile Artists’ which is due to be published by Batsford in Spring 2018. She is a member of the Textile Study Group, a national exhibiting and teaching group in the UK. She teaches at venues throughout the UK and abroad as well as from her own studio on the edge of the Lake District.

The Workshop:  ‘From Here to There’ – recording a journey in Mixed Media 

“Recording a journey has long been a passion of mine. During this week you will have a chance to immerse yourself in the location and record your journey and time spent in this special place by creating a series of small, personal mixed media sketchbooks.

You will spend time out in the landscape, walking, noticing, recording and collecting. Your collection of precious finds and fragments will be incorporated into your travel sketchbooks and used as inspiration for further drawing and mark making. You will be encouraged to look for details and find beauty in the insignificant as you create a series of tactile sketchbooks and assemblages. Work will be made out on location as well as in the studio.

Consideration will be given to presentation as you combine drawing, painting, printing and mark making with natural and manmade objects gathered along your journey. Used papers such as tickets, maps and other ephemera will become embedded within the pages, so that you create a memorable and unique series of work.

You will be layering media, altering scale, incorporating gestural writing, using stitch for joining as well as making marks. You will be encouraged to experiment and explore as you develop your own visual way of recording your journey.

The Destination:

You may think you’re unfamiliar with Mayo County, Ireland, but you’re wrong. If you’ve ever looked at a postcard of Ireland and sighed wistfully, you’ve been sighing about Mayo County. If you’ve ever fallen in love with a perfectly pastoral, sheep-studded Irish scene, you’re in love with Mayo County. If you’ve ever lusted after emerald countryside spilling over rocky cliffs and into a gray Irish sea, we’ve found your place.  Your home away from home for six blissful days.. enchanting Westport, situated on the shores of Clew Bay, with tree-lined boulevards, stone bridges cascading over the Carrowbeg River, pubs, galleries, specialty shops and more to spark the creative juices.

A land of raw beauty and yesteryear charm, a place where haunting scenery transitions into cozy farm landscapes, and rugged coastline abuts whisper-soft fields of fine grass. A peaceful haven, at once lush and green, and yet studded with barren mountaintops and craggy cliffs. Imagine standing here, your feet bare sketchbook in hand. Warm sunbeams alight on your skin. The boundless blue sky puts cornflowers to shame. The crisp sea air is as fresh as your fondest memory.

And yet, few tourists travel to this tiny Irish haven. No eyesores mar your view. This is rare, unadulterated Ireland.  This is why we’re here. There is nothing in this world quite like raw nature to stir your soul. There is nothing quite like total silence to calm your inner tempest. There is nothing like the wild Atlantic and dappled history, to awaken the artist within.


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