Online images show disgusting hotel room

8 years ago

While you might think you are entitled to make the most of the expensive hotel room you’ve just booked, spare a thought for the poor cleaners who have come across these messes.

Pictures posted online by GemStars have revealed one of the most disgusting hotel rooms in the world.

The room was left in a state of disarray by guests who obviously have no conception of cleaning up after themselves.

These guests were obviously a little hungry. Image: GemStars 

The images, which appear to have been taken in the same room, show piled up tissue boxes, empty takeaway cups, containers and brown-stained beds.

The name and location of the hotel was not given.

No amount of stain remover will fix those sheets. Image: GemStars

These latest images come after another shocking hotel room incident at a ski resort in 2014.

Here six fraternities from America’s University of Michigan were reported to have staged a massive party that caused significant damage.

After an assessment of the trashed rooms, connecting hallway and ripped down ceiling at the Treetops Resort in Gaylord, Michigan, the reported damage was estimated to have cost the hotel around US$450,000 (NZ$711,000).

Four of the accused are due to be sentenced this week for their part in the destruction, according to The Detroit News.


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