Scenic spots of ShanDong

8 years ago


In Qingdao, you can find the “red roof and green trees; blue sea and clear sky” in your mind picture. Admire the exotic scenery in “buildings of world”, enjoy the time in the century-old church, get on the boat and get a glimpse of the White Tower of the little Qingdao. Let the breeze whiz over your ears, go to the original place of Qingdao and listen to the stories, take a stroll along the Golden Sand Beach.


In jinan, famous mountains and ancient temples awaits you. Baotu Spring, one of the ten famous springs of China, springs you with clear water.Streets of the old times, quiet lakes and deep pools, they are the destinies of our trips.


In Qufu, visiting the “three Confucius” is a must. Respect Kongzi, along with culture which has been bestowed by the Confucius culture, here is the closest place to do so. The Yan Temple, very near, is easy to visit. However, the city of six arts is the place where you can get the most unforgettable experience of all kinds of folk costumes and end your pilgrimage.


In Tai’an, the most valuable site is Mount Tai. Many times, Mount Tai has even became Tai’an’s synonym. Of course, if you have time, you go to Tiger Mountain Park as well as Tianping Lake Park.


In Yantai, you can’t miss the following things: Playing with the waves of the sea, climb up to mountains and admire the view, taste the grape wine. Besides these, the Golden Sand Beach, Yantai Mountain Park, Zhangyu wine Museum can satisfy your needs. Time permitting, you can also go to the Moon Gulf which is the sacred place for lovers and go to Yangma Island to feel the breeze and go around.


In Weihai, the Liugong Island, located in the mouth of Weihai Gulf, were named as “the protective screen in the east”, “Shangri-la on the sea” and “the Unsinkable battleship”. It is the the site of the Warring States Period which has undergone thousands of years and the place of Praefect Department of Beiyang navy, the School of Navy, theancient fort, and the site of Jiawu War in the Qing Dynasty. This is a beautiful city for coastal tour. The coast line and the silver beach has given the city a great treasure.


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