Selfie deaths more common than shark attacks

8 years ago

What do you fear more: a ravenous shark with pointy teeth or a smartphone?

The answer seems obvious, but the statistics are proving otherwise.

The number of recorded fatalities by shark attack has fallen short compared to a new concern – selfie deaths.

Eight people have been killed so far this year by shark attacks, according to Shark Attack Survivors, whereas the fatal selfie count stands at 12.

A new Wikipedia page has been dedicated to the number of selfie-related deaths and injuries that have occurred since 2014.

The majority of people killed while trying to take a picture were between 18 and 22 years old.

With over 200 million photos on Instagram featuring the hashtag #selfie, it’s not surprising a recent survey revealed women spend almost five hours a week taking photos of themselves, snapping several before choosing the best one.

However some of the fatal selfie stunts were obviously dangerous.

A Romanian teenage girl died trying to take the “ultimate selfie” on a train carriage as her leg touched a live wire. She was electrocuted, suffering burns to 50 per cent of her body, and died in hospital.

Other incidents were less extreme but still had grave consequences.

Earlier this month an American teenager died of a gunshot wound to the throat while trying to pose for a selfie with the gun.

In May a 21-year-old Russian woman accidentally shot herself in the head whilst taking a selfie holding a pistol and was hospitalised in critical condition.

The problem has become so prevalent that Russian authorities have launched an awareness campaign to caution people about taking daring selfies.

Taking a selfie on train tracks, with a gun, on power transformers, on a boat or on stairs can be a bad idea, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs warned.


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