The best hate I got in 2017

5 years ago

It’s that time of year again guys! Get excited! I’m about to drop all the best hate comments I’ve gotten over the past 12 months. Prepare to be entertained. Are you not entertained? (Gladiator reference) because I know I sure am.

I feel like every year that I do my hater round-up posts, I’m in a totally different mindset. Back in 2012 I first wrote this post as a way to confront all the mean comments I was getting and to use it as an opportunity to learn to deal with negativity online. I was upset. My feelings were hurt. It never feels good when people are mean to you, right?

The next year I was starting to own it a bit more. In 2013 I learned to laugh. But I also quickly realized very few people took my approach to dealing with negativity, and that bothered me. Isn’t it better to just laugh it off?

2014 was the year I developed some kind of empathy and began to think about my trolls, and you know what? I started to feel sorry for them.

Pity party parade over here.

And what does 2015 have in store? Honestly, I’m just over it, and basically I want to tell everyone to fuck off. Can I do that?

Is this a sign I’m getting bitter? Wait, don’t answer that.

I don’t try and be controversial but I do believe in honesty, authenticity, and saying what you think and mean. Trust me, there is NOT enough of that on the internet, and for some silly reason, it can rub people the wrong way.

I’d rather inspire a negative reaction in people than no reaction at all. I like to provoke people to think and question things. Sometimes I think I get a lot of shit because when people bash me I don’t take it lying down. Who knows.

Anywho, now I easily laugh most of them off for now (after sharing and shaming on my Snapchat of course – YoungAdventures) because I’ve finally come to the point where I pretty much just don’t care anymore. I’ve reached my optimal level of just not giving a crap.

You hate my blog? You hate my face? You think I must live off my daddy’s money to live this life or that I’m not authentic? Well, just remember I am laughing at you when I’m flying around New Zealand in a helicopter or when I’m sleeping on a yacht on the Great Barrier Reef or when my face is on the front page of the BBC.

(Yikes that sounds spectacularly douche-y but I can’t help it).

And you know why I just don’t care anymore? Because I made it. How many people can say that? Because I’m happy in the knowledge that over the past 6 years of blogging I have been able to turn my wildest dreams into reality. I’ve learned that there are no limits whatsoever when you set your mind to something, and the bigger the risks you take, the bigger the reward.

This is one of the most difficult things I’ve ever written because I’ve struggled my whole life with feeling inferior, not good enough, not pretty enough, not cool enough. I’ve never been proud of myself until now.

And I am really happy about is that I have worked incredibly hard to maintain my authenticity on my blog and my channels. I’ve turned down tens of thousands of dollars over the years to try and stay true to myself on here, which trust me, wasn’t easy when you couldn’t afford rent and you have over $100 grand in loan debt.

Putting people down who have big dreams is just fucked up. Putting people down who have been successful or who are happy is even worse and just goes to show how messed up you actually are. Can’t we all just support each other instead of dragging people down?

And putting down people who have a sense of humor that you just don’t get IS WRONG PEOPLE. STOP.

In fact, I care so little now I was almost not going to write this. There are so many other positive projects I want to work on and I didn’t want to focus on the negative more than I had to.

But lucky for you guys there were some spectacularly awesome hate comments on my blog this year, and I wouldn’t dream of NOT sharing them here in the hopes of inspiring some of you guys to shake it off and to make you laugh.

Because that’s all you can do right?

Year four of trolling. Get ready. And don’t worry, I’d only share the best of the best with you guys. And just remember before you think about trolling me, I share your hate with millions of followers

And here are my hater posts from the past 3 years for those that want to catch up. You’re welcome.


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