The Dirtiest Places on an Airplane

7 years ago

Image Credit: Douglas Paul Perkins

What are the dirtiest places on an airplane?

Which areas are worse than others?

One survey tested four flights and five airports.

Surprisingly, the dirtiest spot is not the bathroom. It’s the tray tables.

In fact, the seat back tray tables were 195 percent more likely to contain bacteria than the average cell phone, which is known to be 18 times dirtier than your toilet handle at home.

Can you say yecch?

Coming in right behind the tray tables were the lavatory flush buttons (hint: wash your hands after pushing it) and seat belt buckles.

At airports, you might want to stay away from drinking fountains and the locks on bathroom stalls.

This is all the more reason to travel with hand sanitizers, and be sure to wipe down those tray tables, arm rests, and yes, the seat belt buckles.


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