The Future of Travel to Cuba for Americans

7 years ago

Image Source: @insightcuba on Instagram

More and more Americans are now going to Cuba.

There’s already one U.S.-based cruise ship—the Adonia—sailing there.

Recently, the U.S. Department of Transportation awarded six airlines the ability to begin direct flights to Cuba as soon as this fall.

American Airlines, Frontier, JetBlue, Silver Airways, Southwest Airlines, and Sun Country Airlines will begin flying to Cuba from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Minneapolis.

But no flights have been approved to Havana.

The six airlines were given the green light to fly to nine other airports throughout Cuba.

The Havana routes will be announced in a few weeks.

American hotels are also quickly moving to open hotels there.

Starwood will begin managing two hotels in Havana later this year. So far, so good.

But keep in mind that the basic Cuban infrastructure will be struggling to meet the demand.

Will there be enough taxis, buses, bathrooms? Not necessarily.

No new hotel rooms are on the horizon for at least two years.

That may explain why Airbnb now boasts over 5,000 listings in Cuba.

So if you want to be the first on your block, be prepared to pay more for your airline ticket and more for your hotel room.

If you’re looking to buy Cuban cigars, counterfeits may soon flood the market. The legitimate cigars are already the target of price gouging.

It’s cheaper to buy those cigars in European cities than in Cuba itself.


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