The Problem with Travel Buzzwords

7 years ago

Image Credit: Stephanie Ervin

I’m one of those cynics who worries about the continued application of the latest buzzwords to promote travel experiences.

More often than not, these words are—even with the best of intentions—misleading, or just plain wrong.

For years a hotel might promote its health club, and you would discover that it had knocked out the wall between two guest rooms and had thrown in a DVD machine with a monitor and a workout video.

Or a hotel would promote its kids program, with the same wall knocked out between two rooms, and insert a table, some chairs, and crayons.

Today, the terms are somewhat sexier, but the results are often the same.

Artisanal—what does that mean?

Curated? I really despise that word. It’s as if someone created the trip just for you.

Of course, there’s farm-to-table. Here’s a little news bulletin: it’s been farm to table for centuries!

The terms “authentic” and “genuine” can also be overused.

So, before getting seduced by these terms, pick up the phone and have a conversation with the hotel, tour operator, or travel agent.

Come up with your own mutually agreeable definition of what this trip or experience really means.

Remember, a well-curated trip is the one you craft and structure from that conversation.


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