The Top 5 Places With Lightning Strikes

7 years ago

Lightning3It happens every year. When summer arrives, so do more lightning strikes.

But it seems this year may be worse than others.

The odds are still overwhelmingly in your favor that you’ll never get hit by lightning.

But a new study by NASA reveals some places around the world you might want to avoid in case you’re worried about lightning.

NASA satellites recorded the number of flashes per square kilometer, per year.

The worst cases were outside the U.S.

Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela led the list with more than 233 lightning strikes.

Following just behind was Kabare in the Congo, with 205 lightning bolts.

Daggar in Pakistan was hit 143 times last year.

Patulul in Guatemala experienced 117 strikes.

Following that was Derby in Australia, with 92 lightning hits.

The U.S. didn’t even make the top five. Either way, the same rules apply.

If you’re outside when lightning strikes, seek cover immediately.

That doesn’t mean standing under a tree in the rain.


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