Travel Gear You Can Use on Airplanes

7 years ago

bendy man

With airlines removing more and more seat space between rows—and perhaps worse, between seats—the old question about who owns the armrest has almost become irrelevant. Almost no one can use that armrest without infringing upon the space of the passenger next to him.

But since necessity is the mother of invention, there’s a new product on the market called Arm-Share. It sells for about $30, and it’s a double-decker armrest that literally straps onto the existing airplane armrest to allow two people shared usage at the same time.

If it’s not armrest space that’s your challenge, then it might be the available light in small spaces. There’s a product made by Walter + Ray called Bendy Man, which is a combination flashlight and tablet stand. At $10, it looks like a little rubber man with flashlights for eyes and it doubles as a smartphone or mini tablet holder and a very bright flashlight. You can use it on your flight to balance your phone on the tray table and then use the flashlight to highlight the border that you don’t want crossed—on your armrest!


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