US institute advertises job for a travelling beer taster and it pays well too

7 years ago


Here’s the catch: The Smithsonian is looking for a pro historian and/or scholar.

Ever wish you could drop everything to just roam around the country drinking beer? Your dream job has arrived.

The Smithsonian Institute is currently hiring an individual to quite literally travel around the US, sipping beer and researching the history of American brewing along the way, the Washington City Paper reports.

Last week, the Institute posted a job opening for a “Historian/Scholar, American Brewing History Initiative.” (It’s part of the Smithsonian’s ongoing Food History project at the National Museum of American History.) The position lasts for three years and pays an annual salary of $US64,650 (NZ$90,000) — plus benefits.


The Smithsonian Institute is hiring someone to travel around the US, sipping beer.

Now for the sobering news: The application is technically open to all, but the Smithsonian is looking for a pro historian and/or scholar with experience in the field and “an advanced degree in American business, brewing, food, cultural, or similar specialisation within history,” according to the application.

The Historian/Scholar will also be tasked with developing museum content and programs based on his or her research.

Want to live the dream? Hurry, the deadline is August 10.


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