Wendy Wants To Amp Up Your Trip!

6 years ago

On every third trip you plan through a Trusted Travel Expert, Wendy will personally add an unforgettable WOW Experience to your itinerary—custom-designed for you, and totally free!

What is a WOW Moment?

It’s an exclusive insider experience that makes a trip extraordinary. Here are three examples:

A private rooftop Michelin-star dinner with fireworks in Florence, Italy

A helicopter ride over the Great Wall of China

Learning the arts of pastry decoration and Sabrage in London

How do I get a WOW Moment?

There are two requirements.:

First you must initiate the trip-planning process by filling out a WendyPerrin.com trip-request form.You can find these trip-request forms by browsing The WOW List for your ideal Trusted Travel Expert(TTE) and then clicking the black CONTACT button below that TTE’s bio. Or you can use the Ask Wendy form. If you don’t use a trip-request form—if your initial contact with a TTE is by phone, for example, or via the TTE’s website—that trip will not count toward the WOW Rewards program. NOTE: This program started on October 18, 2015. Any trips that began with a trip-request form filled out before that date do not count toward a WOW Moment.

Second, you must review your trip when you get back. A few days after you return, Wendy will send you an email inviting you to review the services of the TTE you used. You have the choice of submitting a private review—for Wendy’s eyes only—or a public review that will be posted on WendyPerrin.com for everyone to read.

Why is it critical to use Wendy’s trip-request form?

Because that’s how you get the best trip possible. When you use Wendy’s contact form to reach out to a Trusted Travel Expert (TTE) on The WOW List, you’re automatically marked as a V.I.P. traveler and enrolled in Wendy’s Trip Support Service. When and where possible, you get priority treatment and benefits that go beyond what the TTE does for other travelers. The only way Wendy can ensure you end up with an extraordinary trip is if she’s in on the trip planning from the start. If you don’t start with her trip-request form, you can’t expect preferred treatment, nor can she monitor your trip.

Why is it critical to submit a trip review?

It’s your reviews that determine who Wendy keeps on The WOW List and who gets removed. Wendy is trying to make the travel world better and hold travel agents to the highest standard that exists. That’s why it’s so important that you review your travel experience and thus help your fellow travelers who are trying to decide whether or not to engage the services of the TTE you used.

Once I’ve earned a WOW Moment, how do I collect on it?

You’ll receive a WOW certificate via email that you can then redeem on a future trip. Here’s how it works:

* After you return from your second trip that originated with a WendyPerrin.com trip-request form submitted after October 17, 2015, and after you’ve sent in a review for each of those trips (and remember you can choose to make your review private or public), then you will receive by email a certificate for a WOW Moment on a future trip.

  • You may use this certificate on any future trip that is planned by a Trusted Travel Expert whose name appears on The WOW List.
  • Only one certificate may be used per trip.

Why don’t trips requested before October 18, 2015, count?

That’s the date when we dreamed up this WOW Rewards program. We were not technologically able to make it retroactive. We’re sorry if this causes any inconvenience, but we are so confident in the power of Wendy’s WOW List of Trusted Travel Experts and her Trip Support Service that we know you will be back for more amazing travel experiences.

Why is Wendy doing this?

Wendy wants to thank her loyal longtime readers and followers for trying out her WOW trip-planning system. It’s a groundbreaking system designed to save you time, money, and headaches—and to spare you the mistakes and miscommunication that so often occur between travelers and travel agents. Wendy is also well aware that, as travelers continue to use TTEs, their trips become increasingly high-caliber, and their standards and expectations grow higher with each trip. WOW Moments are a way to ensure that your TTE-designed trips just keep getting better.


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