What a New Law Could Change About Travel

7 years ago

airportWell, Congress finally did the impossible—it actually agreed on a piece of legislation regarding the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Officially, it was the agency’s Reauthorization Bill, and travelers are going to benefit from many of the new law’s provisions.

This law requires airlines to seat families with children together without charging them more.

If your baggage is lost for more than 12 hours, this legislation also makes airlines accelerate refunds for the checked bag fees they collected. This is a big deal.

After all, why should you pay for a service you didn’t receive?

For a family of four traveling together, this new rule could save you $120 each way. That’s a very big difference.

The only time the rule can’t be applied is if moving the family members would require an upgrade to another cabin class—or a seat with extra legroom or more recline.

But either way, this is very good news for passengers—and now it’s the law.


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