What Could Get You Thrown Off a Plane

7 years ago

planeYou might be surprised to learn what could get you thrown off a plane these days.

In airline terminology, it comes under the heading of “non-compliance.”

What does that mean? In some cases, anything the airline wants it to mean.

For women, it could be wearing a skirt that’s too short. If the flight attendant doesn’t approve, you’re off the plane.

For men, it might be wearing baggy shorts that fit too low around your waist. You’re off the plane.

If a flight attendant feels threatened in any way—and that’s for them to decide—you can be removed from the plane.

What that means is you can be detained and you’ll certainly be delayed.

With almost every other flight full, that may also mean you won’t get to your destination today—maybe not even tomorrow.

For those of you who like to take selfies, be warned.

Some airlines have a company policy against photography once you’re on the plane.

Even if you’re taking the most innocent photo of yourself or your best friend on your cell phone, it may be considered grounds for ejection.

The flight attendant might even claim you’ve violated federal law.

You haven’t. It’s just company policy.

But if you refuse to put your camera away, you will be violating federal law.

Why? Because that action is considered “interfering with the instructions of the flight crew.”

So pocket that cell phone and wait until you’re off the plane.


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