What is a babymoon – and should I have one?

5 years ago

What is a babymoon?

Babymoons do not involve a baby. That’s the first thing you should know. So, if you are staring down at your baby as you read this, you’re too late (but don’t despair: here are our experts’ favourite holidays for parents with new babies, from UK weekends to short and longer-haul sun).

No, babymoons are your last gasp at coupledom, a small romantic interlude, the final hurrah before the baby arrives.

They are typically taken in the second trimester – after you’ve had the 12-week scan, and before it becomes inadvisable to fly.

I took a week-long hiking and eating trip in Naples and the Amalfi Coast because I felt energetic and hungry – but many prefer to fly and flop.

What are the health concerns?

Common sense dictates that your health (and that of your growing baby) are paramount as you plan your trip: consider the availability of healthcare wherever you’re going, make sure that you have appropriate insurance, and talk to your midwife and doctor before you book (see here for the NHS tips on travel during pregnancy).

Where should I go?

This really depends on what your top priority is. I’d recommend considering: relaxtion; fitness; comfort; ease of travel; all of the books that you’d like to read for the next five or so years, crammed into one short holiday.

Best of Britain

Your easiest option, if you have health complications or are nervous about going abroad, is to stay in the UK.

Book into a great London hotel for a weekend of theatre, fine dining and pampering (while treatment rooms aren’t luxe, Neals Yard Remedies offers a range of excellent pre-natal massages). For hotels, I love Brown’s, or you could check in to the Rosewood if you’re bringing a dog, but there are plenty of fine options.


There’s a particular sort of relaxation in the mountains. Whether you embark on a hiking trip (try this beautiful and keenly-priced Mallorcan option and you could also get in some late-season swimming) or book into a Swiss spa (I love Bad Ragaz, set in a beautiful town with plenty of swimming pools, a gorgeous spa, and on-site medical experts who can help you design the perfect relaxation routine for you).

Short-haul sun

Great options for short-haul sun include Greece (see here for our guide to the best Greek islands) and the Canary Islands.


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