What You Should Know About Airline Compensation Vouchers

7 years ago

airportAirlines hate to part with cash when they make a mistake.

They almost always offer you compensation in the form of a voucher.

If you’ve been denied boarding, if the flight gets canceled, or if you’re unable to make a connection, you’re likely to get a voucher.

But most travelers are unaware that the dollar amount of those vouchers—giving you a specific discount applied to a future flight—is negotiable.

For example, you might be on an overbooked flight and the airline asks for volunteers to give up their seats for a later flight.

The first offer might only be for a $200 voucher.

If no one volunteers, the dollar value increases—and keeps increasing— until someone accepts the offer.

Smart travelers who have some flexibility in their schedules often wait out the first few offers before pouncing.

One other word of caution: The voucher usually has a one-year expiration.

Make sure there are no additional endorsements or restrictions on that voucher as to when and where you can use it.

That’s also negotiable.


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