What You Should Know the Next Time You Rent a Car

7 years ago

bigstock_Car_Park_at_Airport_16217993Before renting your next car, you should be aware that renting a car is somewhat more complicated than making a reservation and showing up with your driver’s license.

It’s also more involved than simply getting a good daily rate.

First, keep in mind that many rental car companies have reduced their fleets.

Fewer cars means higher prices.

Want to save some money? Don’t rent at the airport.

Airports charge huge rents to rental car companies and much of that cost gets passed down to you.

Rent locally and you’ll find that the shuttle bus or cab to the location is still less expensive than picking up the car at the airport.

Some rental car companies offer you a discounted prepay option.

While it sounds attractive, keep in mind that this payment is generally nonrefundable if you cancel.

Last but not least, always keep your gas receipt.

Even if you fill up the tank, some rental companies will charge you for a refueling fee if they think the tank isn’t full. Your receipt is evidence.


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