When Credit Card Hackers Target Hotels

7 years ago

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons User Sprinno

Computer hackers hit 20 hotels in 10 states.

What did the hackers get?

Credit card account numbers, expiration dates, three-digit security codes, and the ability to then use those credit card accounts to rack up fraudulent charges.

After a stay at one hotel, all sorts of charges started showing up on my credit card statement for big box stores in states I hadn’t visited.

I alerted the credit card company and got those bogus charges reversed.

It’s incumbent upon you to be the real detectives here.

Scrutinize your credit card statements carefully and don’t just look for large dollar amount charges.

Instead, look for smaller charges of under $30.

That’s what the thieves do.

They test the card account with small dollar charges to see if the card will be approved.

Then they hit the card for larger amounts.

When you find one that isn’t yours, notify your credit card company immediately.


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