Where’s Wendy? The Dream Downtown Hotel in NYC, Take a Look!

7 years ago

Art in the lobby bar of the Dream Downtown hotel

Greetings from the Dream Downtown hotel in NYC. Wendy and the rest of us on the team are gathered here today for our first Wendy Perrin Global Travel Summit!

At this two-day conference, we’re getting together with the Trusted Travel Experts from Wendy’s WOW List to share information on what today’s sophisticated travelers want (that’s you) and how best to meet their needs. This summit is one of the ways Wendy ensures that every TTE on her WOW List is living up to your standards—and hers.

Check out the photos below for an insider’s tour of the hotel, and to see were we’ll be spending the next two days.

Lobby bar of the Dream Downtown. Photo: Billie Cohen

Close up of the beer cans used to make the flag. Photo: Billie Cohen

dream hotel scene

A view through a circular window onto the fake outdoor winter scene, Dream Downtown. Photo: Billie Cohen

Dream downtown hotel suite

dream downtown hotel suite

dream hotel mini bar

"Variety Pack" by WhIsBe, in the Dream Downtown Gallery. Photo: Billie Cohen

"Miter" by Subodh Gupta, in the Dream Downtown gallery. Photo: Billie Cohen

The rooftop pool area at the Dream Downtown. Photo: Billie Cohen


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