Why TSA PreCheck Might Not Help Long TSA Lines

7 years ago

airport3TSA security lines grow longer—and slower—and frustration mounts.

A growing number of passengers are applying for TSA PreCheck in the hopes that by becoming members they can shorten the lines.

In theory, members of TSA PreCheck submit an application and get a background check.

If they are approved, they can go through a separate line at the airport in which they don’t have to remove their jackets, shoes, 311 compliant bag, or laptops.

In theory, TSA PreCheck is supposed to speed things.

But that presumes the TSA has enough officers to staff the PreCheck lines. Or in some cases, even open the lines.

Therein lies the problem.

There aren’t enough officers, and at a number of key airports during peak periods, the TSA lines are closed, resulting in even more delays.

Will it get better? One can only hope.

If you’re applying for PreCheck right now, be advised. There’s a large backlog of applications because so many people have applied in the last couple of weeks.

The result? You may have to wait eight to twelve weeks to get your interview scheduled.

Translation: That brings you to Labor Day.

For more information about the TSA and PreCheck, check out:


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