Woman with failing eyesight on mission to see beauty of the world

7 years ago


Lara Miller snapped this shot on her last night in New Zealand, while watching the sunset over Lake Pukaki and Mt Cook.

Lara Miller is on a mission to see as much of the world as possible.

At the age of 18, she was diagnosed with a degenerative eye condition, which is worsening now that she is 34.

Before the world goes dark on her, Miller wants to travel the world with her husband to appreciate the beauty of what life has to offer.


Lara Miller visited Lindis Pass, South Island, in November 2015.

She told the Daily Mail: “We want to travel as much as we can while I am able to see and capture memories.

“For us, it makes sense to do more travel now, rather than put it off until we are older.”

She shares her travel adventures on her Instagram account, which has a following of some 100,000 users.

It seems a cruel fact that her picturesque and intimate travel snaps demonstrate an aptitude for good photography, something she would no longer be able to enjoy once her vision fails completely.

“While there is no cure and my vision is getting worse,” Miller told the Daily Mail, “I believe in living with health, happiness and simplicity, and relishing every joy along the way.”

“For me, sitting at home waiting for blindness to come is far more horrifying than taking an optimistic step into uncharted places.”

She has visited 19 countries with her husband so far, including Iceland, Greece, South Africa, Indonesia, as well as New Zealand in October.

They travel at a leisurely pace, which gives her time to take in the sights slowly, to prevent her eyes from being overly sore.

“Travelling slower is not only nurturing my health, but it also enriches our experiences by allowing time to find special moments for photography, connect with people and animals, and experience daily life,” she said.

Miller, who has now set up base in Australia with her software architect husband, is considering starting a travel blog in 2016.

She has already published a book and released a product range of her breathtaking photography, reports theDaily Mail.

The realities of her circumstances do not faze her.

“My adoration of life with my husband and loved ones fills my heart, and I am truly happy each day,” she said.


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